MS Hands Out Bans for Playing Halo 4′s Crimson Maps

With one PR snafu after another, Microsoft is on gamers’ shit list this week. First, they accidentally gave away their first DLC map pack last week. No charge. This obviously upset players who had shelled out $25 extra for the Limited Edition of the game simply to get those maps, in addition to players who purchased a season pass for the same reason.

Microsoft is clumsily trying to cover up the mishap by releasing a statement saying it was part of their “14 Day, Buy and Play” program, and that they purposefully made the Crimson Map Pack available for free for a limited time only. Problem is, nothing like this was ever mentioned before-hand, and MS is still screwing over the previously mentioned players who paid extra for this content.

So what better way to fix the problem than to ban people who actually use the content? Yup, there is an automatic ban occurring mostly for players who are using the new map packs in split-screen mode. Obviously this is not what is supposed to be happening, but players are still getting notification of the ban nevertheless.

343 Industries say they are not permanently banning those who use or preview the DLC and are currently investigating the issue. An update on the situation is expected tomorrow.

Way to put yourself on the naughty list just a week before the holiday, Microsoft. We recommend not playing the Crimson map pack until the issue has been sorted.


Damon Gene

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